Santorini: Breathtaking Scenery, Food and Wine to Match

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santorni food and wine

Though it looks like my head is under attack by cruise ships with no regard for my well-being, I’m actually quite happy enjoying the sun and views plus the food and wine of Santorini. This photo is from the deck of Santo Wines, quite possibly the most breathtaking view from a winery in the world.

My recent trip to this gorgeous Greek island, a press tour sponsored by Wines From Santorini, was chock-full of memorable moments. While I work on more extensive writeups, you can peruse all the food, wine, vineyards, people, and places that captured my eye on this Pinterest board:

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You’ll probably see the only photo I know of where I am wearing shorts. Even I had to relent to wearing short pants on this trip; I also broke down and bought a proper bathing suit. (No bathing suit photos; you can thank me for that.) Glad I did as it would have been criminal not to go for a quick swim in this setting:

santorni food and wine

If you’d like a little more verbosity about the food and wine of Santorini, can I interest you in reading about smoked eggplant ice cream? And a wine to match? It’s all in my latest post on Foodista.

santorni food and wine

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4 Responses

  1. Absolutely fabulous! I’m so jealous, look at that water!

  2. Venessa says:

    So beautiful! I have to say, it’s quite extraordinary what people come up with in order to protect and make work that which they cherish–the baskets to protect the grapes from the wind are truly genius.

    Just popped over to check out what you’ve been up to and I read your about page for the first time. Love it! I’d rather be drinking champagne too…(and the parenthetical asides, that’s me too!)

    • Jameson says:


      Thank you so much for your nice comments and checking out the blog, and even the “About” page! The vineyards in Santorini are like nowhere else in the world.

      Hope everything with the food truck is going well.



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