Sardines and Avocado

Posted on: April 15th, 2006 by

It’s the next PB&J! I enjoyed them on top of toast at Dinette, which is an utterly adorable neighborhood place with simple, unfussy, and comforting food. The chef/owner is personable and charming.

I’m not sure why sardines and avocado are so delicious together, but they just are, damnit. And they go very well with a nice Verdejo. Spanish whites rule.

I drank a pretty damn nice 2002 Antica Terra Pinot Noir from Oregon. I’m still trying to come to grips with Oregon Pinot because all I can think about is Burgundy. It was delicious with gnocchi with a ragu full of braised short rib meat. Yum.

I brought the Pinot with me and paid the corkage fee. I made sure our waiter got to taste it; I think when you pay a $15 corkage fee instead of buying a $40 wine off the list (thus cutting into your bill and your waiter’s tip) it’s the least you can do. That’s my 2 cents on bringing wine to a restaurant.

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  1. g58 says:

    That sardine-avacado sandwich would be real xarmant if they served Basque wine with it. (Great entry on Beau’s site and good luck with the hit count. Since I’m from Wineblogistan myself I’m already familiar with these here parts on Le Wine Blog… Still, glad you were offered the honor and honored that offer — Would I honor such an offer with my often on-again off-again blogging?)

    Hey Montreal’s got BYOW restos with no corkage fees. You might dig them. Are you getting any real deal after a $15 charge on the $20 bottle you’re bringing or is it just a deal because you get what you want in your glass?

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