SAVEUR Blog Award Finalist: Who Am I? How Did I Get Here?

Posted on: April 2nd, 2015 by

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Many of you know I’m a finalist for a SAVEUR Blog Award in the Best Wine Coverage category. YES! So stoked. But it raises a lot of questions. About me. Take the above photo, for example. What the hell is going on? Am I having a heart-to-heart with a bottle of rosé? (Highly probable.) Conjuring up spirits as part of some kind of rosé seance? A roséance? (Wouldn’t put it past me.)


These queries may never get properly answered. Even by me. But I can tell you this: To vote for my blog, click on the cool badge to the left. I’m also able to let you know I’ve divulged some secrets over on SAVUER’s website. Like, what is the mission of this blog? Do I have one? (Spoiler Alert: YES.)

And how did past events bring me to where I am today, nearly 11 years into this blog? A few clues: ketchup, Tasmania, salty snacks.

Discover the whole story in this interview: 2015 Blog Awards: Best Wine Coverage Finalists

And an enormous thanks to all who are reading. Yes, I’m talking about YOU! If it’s not too weird, I’d like to give you a hug. Right now.


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