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Botanically Delicious Soda

Ready to step it up from flavored fizzy water? Eschewing alcohol but still craving that bittersweet pucker of a spritz or negroni? Chill down a bottle of Casamara Club Amaro Soda. Delicious and very food-friendly. Four flavors are available; I found the differences quite subtle. (Naturally I got the variety case to sample the quartet.) [More]

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3 Extremely Non-Boring Booze-Free Fizzy Waters

Nothing wrong with plain-old fizzy H2O. But when flavor calls, you are duty-bound to answer with any of these three non-alcoholic sparkling waters. Here variety is the spice of life, imbued into every can of of clear, fruity, subtly savory, low- or no-sugar fizz bev. Sanzo Paraphrasing its website, Sanzo is an Asian-inspired sparkling water [More]

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