The Burgundy Diaries: 9/6/04 Savigny and Chambolle

Posted on: October 22nd, 2004 by

Another perfect day in Burgundy. Drinking a wondeful rose from Corbieres as I write this. Should be 85 and sunny the rest of the week. Sunny is good for grapes and harvest should start around Sept 25th. This morning visited a producer in Savigny les Beaune—Ecard. He did not speak a lick of English but we managed to communicate somehow; getting good at speaking about and understanding French if the conversation is about wine. We bought a 97 1er Cru SLB for only 12 euros…ridiculous!!! Then drove up to Chambolle-Musigny and at lunch at le C-M. Wow. Started with a poached egg atop a wine/beef broth w/ lardons and champignons. It was perfect with the 1/2 bottle of C-M we got—we picked out a wine of the guy we were going to visit after lunch. (2000 Amiot-Servelle C-M.) Then had two fillets of sea bream with a tomato-herb coulis and some white rice with a few grains of wild rice mixed in for texture. Wonderful! Then we headed across the street to Domaine Amoit-Servelle. Again another guy who did not speak English, but we had our wine-talk mojo working. We drank, we spit, we laughed, we listened. Bought the same bottle we had for lunch (except a full bottle). Can’t wait to open that in Chicago and immediately start tasting the eggs in the wine sauce.

SIDEBAR: PERFECTLY POACHED egg: I pricked it with my fork and the yolk flowed out into the broth.

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