The Burgundy Diaries: 9/9/04 Mmm Sandwich and Return to Chambolle

Posted on: October 22nd, 2004 by

Just had a religious experience. Walked into town for lunch and was going to sit down somewhere, but decided instead to head to the boulangerie and pick up a sandwich. Got an incredible sandwich, about a food-long baguette filled with salami, ham, sliced cornichons, and mayo. Walked back to the house in a state of bliss while I chomped on my sammy. The baguette was exquisite—nice and chewy crust. My jaw is pleasantly sore from working my way through it. Now I am going to have a nice glass of chilled Cru Beaujolais.

Yesterday’s higlight was visiting two producers in Chambolle-Musigny—De Vogue and Mugnier. Both were like philosophers talking about wine and the land. I think Mugnier said something like, “Nature is more important than man.” Both were very modest about what they do, believing that they just interpret what is given to them. It was a thrill just to hear them talk—like a philosophy/wine/nature class. Mugnier was cool—I knew he was a pilot and saw a photo of the Matterhorn at his place taken from a plane. I asked him about it and it turns out it was taken from a glider! I said “wow” and his eyes bulged and he said, “Yeah, WOW!!!”

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    How about a bit on the wine? Eh, mon ami?

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