The Champagne Flute Needs a Hero (Me)

Posted on: December 7th, 2017 by

A Champagne flute illustration by CakeSpy

Tis the season for celebration, sparkling wine, and for more haters to bubble to the surface when it comes to the Champagne flute. But fear not, I (still) stand tall and proud when it comes to defending the ultimate vessel for sparkling wine.

This time, I marshaled resources to defend my case:

So get prepared to read about bubble flux and green steaks. (Seriously.)

It was a true delight to publish this missive in the December issue of Wine Enthusiast. AND have it accompanied by an illustrated Champagne flute created by none other than Jessie Moore aka CakeSpy.

Naturally this post was not without controversy. It inspired an article by Felicity Carter, “Calling time on the Champagne flute,” (?) in Meininger’s Wine Business International. (Geez, can’t I get a link to my article on The Thuse?) Carter would have you drink out of a glass shaped like a cement mixer, BTW.

Ok, here’s my Salute to the Flute:

Giving the Champagne Flute Some Well-Deserved Love and Support

What is your preferred glass for sparkling wine?


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  1. Jill says:

    Good news. I tested and tested the flute over the holidays and I agree – I’m standing by it.

    This is not without controversy, apparently, so I’m raising my hand from the back of the room. clink-clink.

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