The Gift of Wine

Posted on: November 21st, 2005 by

The question from Basic Juice:

If you were to give a wine out of your own cellar/collection/shelf/fridge as a gift this year, which wine would it be, who would receive it and why?

Here’s my answer:

Lambrusco – Ceci 2004 “La Luna”

Whaaa? Lambrusco? This is not the insipid kool-aid that you may remember, or tried to forget. When I see people buying sparkling shiraz (which is boozy and gross) just because Gourmet wrote about it, I always steer them towards the La Luna. It’s lower in alcohol, bone-dry, gorgeous grapey color and a KILLER FOOD WINE. You need a wine for thanksgiving? x-mas? You got it. Everybody loves bubbles, especially at this time of year. It’s an affordable wine (15 bucks), a unique wine, and one that will surprise everyone from the Yellow Tail to the Cork-Dork crowd. I’m bringing a couple bottles over to holiday dinner will all my friends and the Lambrusco will flow! (And it’s a wine I can afford to spread the wealth on for all the holiday parties I will attend.)

Don’t sleep on Lambrusco!

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