The Key Wine

Posted on: March 16th, 2005 by

I’ve always loved this Spanish Tempranillo by Finca Antigua. I call it “The Key Wine” because there is a picture of a key on the label. (Pretty clever, huh?) I was at Tango last night for 1/2 price wine night and the woman I was with said she wanted to drink a dry red. So I saw that The Key Wine people also made a Cabernet Sauvignon! So we drank that. It was very good and so different than most new-world Cabs. Why? Here’s why.

It was not boozy with port-like alcohol, all jacked up with bombs of fruit. It was dry, a little tannic, a real Cab. And when we got our bill, it was 16 bucks! Holy shit, I gotta go there every Monday.

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