The Lingering Goodbye

Posted on: November 1st, 2006 by

One of my favorite wine reps coined a phrase for a wine with a loooong finish: The Lingering Goodbye. I experienced this tasting perhaps the finest dessert wine I have ever had. And it was Madeira! The Broadbent 45-50 Year Old Terrantez. Terrantez? Huh? It’s one of the world’s rarest grapes and only 20 cases of wine are produced each year from it! It’s about $140 bucks, but it does come in a 750ml bottle!

Here are my tasting notes:

My mouth is watering. Long, coating, silky, haunting finish. Subtle butterscotch/almond/marzipan. AWESOME!!!

I then tasted a vintage Terrantez from 1978. Pricetag? 300 bucks! Yipes. Tasting notes:

Monster, blockbuster finish.

I actually preferred the cheaper one. Or, rather, the less expensive one. For a more realistic bottle, I suggest the 1996 Colheita. It is about 45 bucks, and tasted like a slowly melting butterscotch candy in my mouth. Delicious.

It was a treat to taste these wines and Madeira is definitely one of the underappreciated sweet wines of the world.

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