Tim Heath of Cloudy Bay: Iconic Sauvignon Blanc and More (Podcast)

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Talk about an awesome one-two New Zealand podcast punch. After speaking with Sam Neill of Two Paddocks on my last episode, I welcome Winemaker Tim Heath from iconic winery Cloudy Bay.

cloudy bay vineyard

The vineyards at New Zealand’s Cloudy Bay

It’s hard to overstate the impact of Cloudy Bay’s Sauvignon Blanc. The wine played a big role in putting New Zealand on the global wine map. It was very cool talking to Heath about what makes it special.

tim heath cloudy baytim heath winemaker cloudy bay

But Cloudy Bay is not just about Sauvignon Blanc. Oh no! We also taste a very cool Chardonnay and a couple of Pinot Noirs as well. This episode of the Wine Without Worry podcast (subscribe) is a window into the world of New Zealand wine, from the 1980s to what’s happening today.

Also, corsets and bungee jumping get a mention. Not, however, at the same time.

Podcast: Tim Heath of Cloudy Bay

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