Touring and Tasting at Jordan Vineyard and Winery

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Courtesy of the folks at Jordan Winery and Vineyard in Sonoma’s scenic Alexander Valley, I got to spend a couple days and nights hanging out at the winery and touring the over 1,200 acre (!) property. I thought it was time to flex my podcasting muscles a bit and record a show in an entirely different state. (State as in California, not an altered one.)

This two-part podcast starts on the courtyard of the winery, where I have an amiable and informative chat about food and wine pairing with Jordan’s Directory of Wine, Greg Miller. Jordan makes two wines: Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. I’m a big fan of the former, as it has enough oak to make it rich and interesting, yet enough freshness and zip to keep it lively. And the Cabernet is an ageworthy delight.

Jordan Winery

If you’ve ever wondered about pairing wine and cheese, things get really interesting when Greg opines on the matter. We also cover a topic that I found enlightening: how does food pairing with an aged wine differ from doing so with a young wine? Are there matches better, say, with the current release of Jordan Cabernet (2009) than the 2002? How do you adjust your thoughts (and menu) when a decade-plus old Cab is being poured?

Jordan Winery

Sated with Cabernet and cheese, I rode up to the top of Jordan’s property, for not only the impressive views, but also to chat with CEO John Jordan. We talk about how he got his pilot’s license as a teenager, my mistake of trying to usurp the front seat of a car from two of his three enthusiastic dogs, and the launch of the Estate Tour and Tasting. Plus what makes Jordan unique not just from the experience of the tour and tasting, but also in the style of the wines and the place of Jordan within Sonoma and the larger culture of California wine.


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Without further ado, here’s the show:

Special thanks to Lisa Mattson, who I was sorry to miss at Jordan. And to the outstanding staff, as well as to Greg and John for their time. Oh, and thanks, Mom, for driving to and from Reno, and joining me on this adventure. Also part of this trip: the best pizza I ever ate, magnums (!) of well-aged Cathy Corison Cabernet, and a wine made from Scheurebe. (PS Mom: So glad you loved the 2003 Jordan Cab and bought a few bottles to take home. I get to drink one with you, right?)

Jordan Winery

Don’t sleep on the Jordan olive oil. Those are olive trees behind the grape vines.


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