Uncorking Summer Entertaining: A Conversation With Christine Wente

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Though fond of rosé and summertime grilling, as well as outdoor warm-weather festivities, I’m mostly a participant at such activities rather than a host. Because this 42 year-old bachelor does not have a PhD in entertaining a crowd. Hosting a fresh-air fête? I’m flustered.

wente restaurantFortunately, I can call on (and literally called) Christine Wente to appear on my Wine Without Worry podcast. She’s a Fifth Generation Winegrower at Wente Vineyards (the sponsor of my show) and also President of the Wente Foundation Board. Christine gives me the guidance I need to face my hosting fears with a modicum of grace.

I have to say I took an instant liking to Christine for saying that my knowledge of, and experience with, wine demonstrates my abilities to entertain with savvy, regardless of my insecurities on the matter. And who I am I to argue with her conclusion?

Questions posed and answered in this episode:

  • Burgers and rosé? [Spoiler alert: A OK!]
  • How do you combat memories of past unruly Chardonnays?
  • Can you drink Cabernet in the heat?
  • What wines are vegetable-loving?
  • What decade did Wente start labeling wines as “Chardonnay” and “Sauvignon Blanc” The 1970s? 50s? 30s?
  • Do you call it a “crock pot” or “slow cooker“? WHERE DO YOU STAND?!?

Whoa, getting a little worked-up here. Let’s just get to the show:

Wine Without Worry: How To Uncork Great Outdoor Entertaining

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