Virginie de Valandraud

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All hail the distributor close-out list! Sometimes a company has a wine in its portfolio that for some inexplicable reason they are unable to sell and the price gets slashed. Who knew it would be for the second label of the Chateau Valandraud, a very well-regarded (and highly priced) Saint-Emilion from the original garagiste, Thunevin.

I was able to pick up a bottle of 2001 Virginie de Valandraud for under 30 dollars, and it is an excellent Bordeaux. Great balance and concentration, great nose, beautiful fruit. I decanted it for about an hour. Impeccably made! Another thing to note: this wine from 2000, 2003, or 2005 would cost a hell of a lot more. What was so bad about the 2001 vintage? Or 2004 for that matter? Look to buy Bordeaux from unheralded vintages and you can get some great wines and be able to buy in quantity.

UPDATE: One of the finest Bordeauxs I have ever had. Gorgeous perfection after two hours. I will cease referring to wines as being Bordeaux-like, as nothing but Bordeaux is like Bordeaux! What more could you ask of a red wine, except for the presence of a nice piece of grilled meat or something from a crock pot, and some good company? (Tears falling!)

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  1. I also have one bottle of Virginie de Valandraud of 1999 which I was tasted in Saint-Emilion last fall. It is really excellent product. My bottle was € 65. Anyway it is in my storeage place. Cannot wait to open it. 🙂


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