Weekend Wine Links: The SAVEUR Blog Awards Edition

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jameson fink bordeaux windyInspired by my friend Elaine from Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews, this edition of Weekend Wine Links will take a look at the SAVEUR Blog Awards. Specifically (and not surprisingly…) the finalists for Best Wine Content. What have they been up to lately? Let’s find out:

Alice Feiring of The Feiring Line, writing on the excellent site PUNCH, weighs in on a subject near and dear to her heart (and wine glass): natural wine.

Aaron Ayscough of Not Drinking Poison in Paris has been immersing himself in Gamay. It’s a grape that, particularly in Beaujolais, can be pleasurable and memorable at the same time:

Marissa A. Ross of Wine All the Time learns to saber a bottle of bubbly. With a coconut knife. Most people who dare to capture their first sabering experience on video live to regret it. Will Marissa? TUNE IN:

I’d also like to note that her post about flying is really funny. It’s a tale of metric conversions, clam chowder, valium, TSA, and PTFO. It even comes with a disclaimer.

Alder Yarrow of Vinography has been in Champagne. (Drinking Krug’s Clos de Mensil Blanc des Blancs 2000 was a highlight of my wine life.) He recently had a lot to say about another vineyard with expensive grapes, but in California: To Kalon. Why, and how, has this legendary Napa vineyard has become a brand?

Speaking of Alder, Elaine has an extensive conversation with him over on her blog about his book, “The Essence of Wine”. How do you taste the visual? (BTW, here’s a link to my interview with the photographer of Alder’s book, Leigh Beisch.)

Me? I’m just crushin’ on wine labels:

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