Weekend Wine Links: Dirty Lists, Non-Awful Prosecco, Cool Kids

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You know what I do when I’m not writing about wine? I’m READING about wine. All over the internet! Yes! I’m pretty one-dimensional, sad to say. But that dimension is full of all kinds of colors, sounds, liquids, solids, and other cool stuff. So, to paraphrase (lift) what Bill Murray said in Caddyshack, I got that going for me. Which is nice.


Aaron Epstein’s a good dude. I was sorry to miss him when I was in San Diego, but I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with him on the phone. His wine club, Le Metro, is very cool as far as the wines and the creative organizing principles behind each offered collection. Here’s a video interview:

You ever think you’d see a wine list organized by…dirt?

All the cool kids are drinking Sherry. I’m reading a book about Sherry. What does that make me?

Will the last sommelier in San Francisco please turn the lights out? Wait. Hold on there, says Alder Yarrow.

The article headline, “How To Find Prosecco That Isn’t Terrible”, has a lot more sizzle than this demure tweet:

NON-WINE LINK: Andrew Scrivani is a friend and a very talented photographer. If you want to watch a video about capturing food porn, this is a must:

This blog post was composed while drinking a can of Budweiser on a train to Portland from Seattle.

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