West Town Tavern

Posted on: May 19th, 2004 by

This is a great neighborhood place with updated comfort food. I had a delicious Tempranillo from Spain, and then a Colombelle-esque white wine from Gascogny. Whereas the Colombelle is peaches, peaches, peaches (!!!), this wine has an incredible lime flavor. It was great with two distinct dishes:

1) Pan-seared crispy trout with roasted tomatoes, braised artichokes, black olives, fingerling potatoes, and a buttery sauce w/ fresh chives.

2) Nectarine pie with cardamom ice cream. What was great about this is that the nectarines were nice and tart. And probably had a nice squeeze of lemon juice. A lot of times you get fruit pies and they drown the fruit in so much sugar. The nectarines were nice and tart.

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