What Is The Result of A Crush? A Noteworthy Washington Syrah

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If your looking for Washington Reds (as in wine) to watch, go to your local newsstand and buy all the January/Feburary 2014 issues of 425 Magazine. Yours truly has a pick for you. In a world of Chateau Fancypants type wines with a dour labels, you’ve got to hand it to the folks behind Result of a Crush. At first the name and label had me rolling my eyes a bit, but after tasting it I can certainly appreciate it on the inside and, yes, even the outside. The world of wine can always use a little more whimsy. And lipstick.

result of a crushResult of a Crush is a project launched by Amanda Reynvaan and Angela Reynvaan Garratt, who are sisters of consulting winemaker Matt Reynvaan. If the Reynvaan name doesn’t ring a bell, go check out all the accolades for Reynvaan Family Vineyards. Certainly a star of the Washington wine scene. And Result of a Crush, a non-vintage red that’s mostly Syrah, gives you a lot of that Reynvaan flavor at a much more favorable price. (Sub-$30.) I’d do more sleuthing on it, but Paul Zitarelli, he of Full Pull Wines, has already done so. I quote from his midsummer 2013 mailing list offer of the wine for the juicy details. And, hey, don’t forget that Paul was a guest on my Wine Without Worry podcast. You want to hear about sylvan glades and more? Tune in to the show. Anyway, here are the tidbits Paul coaxed from Matt:

1. The wine is primarily Syrah.
2. It consists of “a few vintages.”
3. It contains a big chunk of declassified Reynvaan barrels.
4. It is rounded out with juice “from special places around the valley that I think work for this particular style I created for my sisters.”

Speaking to #4, I detect more fruit than in the Reynvaan Family Vineyards bottlings. It’s still got some of that upfront funk, but with a red berry kiss on the finish. This is one crush that won’t go unrequited or unnoticed.

UPDATE: You can now check out my pick for a Washington Red to Watch on 425 Magazine’s website.


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