What’s It Like To Design A Wine Label?

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between five bells

I interviewed Elaine Chukan Brown of Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews for a series on Grape Collective called SpeakEasy. Topics discussed ranged from philosophy and refrigerator contents to comic drawing and Champagne dreaming. Elaine actually had the chance to turn her drawings into a label for an Australian winery, Between Five Bells. Here are her thoughts on sharing a bottle displaying her work with dear friends.

What’s it like to see your drawings on a wine label?

One of the most special things I’ve ever done. I was able to bring a bottle of the wine, the Between Five Bells 2012 H-Cote, back to Flagstaff to share with friends there. My friend Fred is the managing partner of the Wine Loft in Flagstaff, and was also my first friend in that town. He got me started with everything I’m doing now in wine. Along with a couple of other people, we were able to drink the H-Cote together. Fred and his wife Hillary kept the bottle and have it on display in their home. I am so thrilled to have my drawing on a label. It feels really special. But what makes it truly meaningful for me is that I get to share it with people I love who love me too. I’ve since also drawn the 2013 of the same wine, and am excited to share that bottle once its released.

Read the rest of the interview on Grape Collective.

Thank you Elaine Chukan Brown for your thoughtful and thought-provoking answers as well as for the use of the photo.

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  1. kvin says:

    Wow, how exciting. Seeing your work come to life within an industry that is full of positive and exciting people and events.
    Kvin, Tucson

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