Wine and Opera: Puccini with Bordeaux, Mozart with Chablis

Posted on: February 11th, 2014 by

The Garnier opera house

One of the many things I love about wine is discovering the stories behind the people who ultimately decided to dedicate their lives to it. Like Jessica Certo. She went from being an opera singer to a sommelier in New York City. I interviewed her over the phone recently, and she revealed:

  • The wine that changed everything for her.
  • How her opera background helps her as a sommelier.
  • What high rollers on Wall Street like to drink.
  • The best opera and wine pairings.

You can read the whole interview on Grape Collective.

How about some poetry and wine pairings? Geez, I am really classing up this blog!

 Garnier Opera House image courtesy Madolan Greene.

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