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Read About My Month at Finnriver Farm in Edible Seattle

Hey, did you know I got to write about my month at Finnriver Farm for Edible Seattle? Grab a copy or a dozen of the November/December 2012 issue and read all about that memorable January.  (UPDATE: My article is now available FREE in the Edible Seattle online archive: Chicken Friends and Mummy Berries. But you [More]

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My Thanksgiving Dinner Wine Will be Cheap and Cheerful

While I wouldn’t blame you for finding this vintage postcard distressing, your selection of a Thanksgiving dinner wine should not put you under duress. Keep it cheap and cheerful. Sealed with a  screwcap? Even better. No fumbling for a corkscrew or someone who knows how to use it.  With that in mind, this year I’m [More]

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Two Shepherds Grenache Blanc Reminds Me of The Three Bears

I can be very fussy when it comes to white wine. I’m worse than Goldilocks. Yes, I just compared myself to Goldilocks. Though I love light, refreshing, delicate whites, sometimes they leave me a little cold if they have nothing but a shrill, acidic personality. And a heavy, hot, blowzy white wine, clubbed with oak, [More]

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Post-Horseback Ride Chilean Sauvignon Blanc at J. Bouchon

Greetings from South America! I’ve always been a fan of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, but never appreciated a glass of it so much until I had one after riding a horse through the vineyards of J. Bouchon while on a trip sponsored by Wines of Chile. You see, I am terrified of horses. But more on [More]

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Antique French Corkscrew with Mother-of-Pearl Handle, Circa 1900

Certainly not easy to use, but this antique French corkscrew is so lovely. I was visiting Veramonte in Casablanca (Chile), while on a press trip sponsored by Wines of Chile, and waiting for the winemaker when I encountered an impressive and eclectic collection of corkscrews. This beauty with the mother-of-pearl handle stood out. If you [More]

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Slide Show: Street Art and Graffiti in Valparaiso, Chile

Created with flickr slideshow.Part of the pleasure of going on a media trip, like the one I just returned from sponsored by Wines of Chile, is what you see and experience that has nothing to do with wine. Like life, wine is best appreciated when you have some context. I highly encourage you to wander [More]

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Casa Real: A Royally Aged Chilean Red Wine

How do Chilean red wines age? I must profess ignorance as the bulk of my experience revolves around wines crafted for enjoyment now, or big bruisers who need to take a long nap in the cellar. This situation, however, was recently remedied as I just tried a 1997 Santa Rita Casa Real Cabernet Sauvignon at [More]

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Your Roots Are Showing

Fascinating view of grape vine roots at Casa Silva in Chile’s Colchagua Valley. Taken while on a trip sponsored by Wines of Chile.

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