Announcing A Year of Wine Without Worry: The Digital Magazine

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I was contacted by the team at Luca with a most interesting proposition. They would take my roundup post consisting of all my travels in 2013 and turn it into a digital magazine designed specifically for viewing on iPads and tablets. (It also looks great on your iPhone or smart phone. And will work on your laptop or desktop computer.) The results, frankly, blew me away! This is a totally new way to experience my words and images and, not to sound too corny, but I was greatly moved (maybe even a little misty) when I saw the results. Check out the results here:

West Coast Wines, New York’s High Line, and European Vines: A Year of Wine Without Worry

I’d love to hear your feedback. As a blogger, I think something like this digital magazine can provide a compelling and engaging way to experience stories about the people and places, as well as the solids and liquids, that fuel my passion. And swiping is fun!

A Year of Wine Without Worry

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4 Responses

  1. doug wilder says:

    Congratulations on the digital magazine, I use since 2011 and am always looking to improve the experience, so just signed up for the beta. Are hard copies available too? I couldn’t get your magazine to load on my desktop.

  2. alixrose says:

    That’s so cool. Congrats!

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