Anxiety, Blind Tasting, and Wine Education

Posted on: June 25th, 2017 by

Blind Tasting

I am an anxious, hand-wringing individual. It manifests itself in many aspects of my life, including wine.

While putting together some (very poor man’s) Ira Glass-esque commentary for the latest episode of the Wine Enthusiast podcast, I was transported back to a few of my anxiety-ridden moments of doubt and second-guessing. Particularly when it comes to blind tasting.

So if you want to hear from not one but three brave souls pursuing formal wine education, giving up hours of their lives a day, plus my interludes and inserted thoughts/reminiscences, check out this episode. There’s 4am flash card studying, late-night flights (of wine), and a few cold beers:

For more anxious moments, read my personal essay from the magazine (the “Last Drop” on the final page of the issue) about two bi-costal incidents where I ran myself in an endless loop of self-induced psych-outs when it came to blind tasting (with an audience). Here’s the unvarnished story:

Flying Blind While Tasting Wine

Top Image: Blind Tasting / Photo by Hanzell Vineyards via flickr.

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