Bellwether Wine Cellars: The Fascinating Finger Lakes

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bellwether wines cellarsLet’s get to know the Finger Lakes, and the wines of this New York region! Since I was fascinated by sample bottles from Bellwether Wine Cellars I got to test-drive with Madeline Puckette of Wine Folly, I contacted the winemaker, Kris Matthewson, to ask him to be on my Wine Without Worry podcast. And he agreed to be a guest. Cool!

We talk about how Kris got into winemaking. He admits, “I had, like, no direction as a young adult, basically.” (Right there with you, Kris.) But he got a job in the tasting room at Bully Hill Vineyards, and within a few days was moving barrels, and the rest was history.

Also discussed? Something near and dear to my heart as a recovering retail wine pro: choosing wine bottles and labels. Perhaps you read my post where I enlisted 5 graphic designers to critique a wine label? Turns out Kris was a psychology major and delved deep into how taste and perception of quality are influenced by what you see.

Find out why Riesling is Kris’ “mother’s milk” and, when it comes to working in the vineyard, how he’s a glutton for punishment. Though not a glutton at the table, especially during harvest, as he loses 15-20 pounds each year during those hectic times. To combat that seasonal stress, I’d prescribe a half-hour dose of Wine Without Worry:

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Vineyard photo courtesy Finger Lakes Wine Country and Stu Gallagher Photography.

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