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Vall Llach: Exploring the Red Wines of Priorat in Spain

It’s hard to look at the grape vines in the rugged region of Priorat in Spain and not think, “How do they make wine here?” The steep hills, the gnarled vines, the “llicorella” (slate) soil. And to call it soil is kind of strange as it looks menacing, like it would slice you in half [More]

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Join Me for Wine on Grape Collective

Extremely excited to announce some big job news. I have accepted a position to become Contributing Editor to Grape Collective. It’s a wine website that not only has a fantastic lineup of contributors, but you can also buy the wines you read about right then and there I’m going to be creating content (aka “writing”) [More]

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Finding a Decent Glass Pour in Reno

I go to Reno frequently to visit my mother and the wine selections at most restaurants, especially the casinos and chains that dominate this city, are your boilerplate, KJ-esque family of wines. You pretty much know what you are going to get no matter where you go. So it was an extremely pleasant surprise that [More]

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White Priorat

I haven’t been a big fan of reds from the Priorat in Spain. Just not my bag. I was REALLY skeptical about a white. It’s like a fucking kiln in the Priorat; I figured these whites would be boozy, flabby, and oxidized. Wrong! The 2004 Les Brugueres Blanc from Scala Dei was great! 100% Grenache [More]

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