Day Two at the 2010 International Food Blogger Conference

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Plating at the IFBC
Day two volunteering at IFBC was all about non-stop heavy lifting: tables, chairs, wine, water, plates, and the like. I worked my ass off! The highlight of the day for me was helping Ethan and Angela Stowell plate about 250 beef carpaccio in 40 minutes for a stampeding hoard of bloggers. This was made much easier by a steady supply of beer from Ethan. BTW, the carpaccio was delicious: Snake River Farms beef, olive oil, pickled cauliflower, wild watercress, and Pecorino Toscano. (They also had on display their beautiful dry pastas, which you can find out more about here.)

Also the pictured Salmon dish from Spur (sockeye salmon with mascarpone, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and chiles) was as delicious as it was pretty. They had the giant tweezers out to plate the solitary cherry tomato on top!

And since one of the sessions of the second day had to do with blogger ethics, with the key word being disclosure, let me say that I did not pay for my carpaccio, salmon, beer, food, wine, etc. but I did bust my tail to earn it!

So what were your highlights of Day Two? What did I miss? (I know I missed a lot!)

International Food Bloggers Conference 2010

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