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IFBC: Where Potato Chips and Jalapeños Met Oregon Wine

IFBC Wine Pairing with Jameson Fink from Idea Farmer on Vimeo. As the Wine Editor for Foodista, I had the pleasure of leading a food and wine pairing adventure at the International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC) in Portland, Oregon. In an attempt to break out of the “pair x food with y wine ” rut, [More]

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Love For Lambrusco and OG Boomboxes

A quick search on Flickr for a Lambrusco image I could use for a post came up with many interesting options. Like most times when hunting for a wine-related image, you never know what you’re going to find. I’m going with this one. An iPod run through a docking station cloaked by cardboard resembling a [More]

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When Georg Riedel Met Robert Mondavi: An Interview

I had the opportunity to speak with Georg Riedel of the famous, generations-old, wine glass producer Riedel. He revealed to me the story of his memorable, and initially rocky, first encounter Robert Mondavi, and how Mondavi became a believer in both Georg and Riedel. All in the span of a single day. Naturally I also [More]

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Ending the Debate over Paring Wine With Asparagus

Purportedly, pairing wine with asparagus is difficult, but I have found the ultimate wine. No one can convince me this will not be a perfect match. Problem solved!

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Drinking an Amity Vineyards 1985 Oregon Pinot Noir

How does an Oregon Pinot Noir from 1985 taste? Find out how this Amity Vineyards wine fared in my latest post on the Foodista blog.

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The Ingenious and Beautiful Assyrtiko Vines on Santorini

Though I personally would welcome the warmth and wind, the Assyrtiko vines on the island of Santorini would beg to differ. To keep the grapes from being lifted away into the sky by the relentless gusts, the vines are woven into a basket shape. The wine produced from the Assyrtiko grape is a bracing, lively [More]

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Finnriver Farm in Pictures: Before and After the Snow

I put together a photo essay for Foodista, inspired by how the snow at Finnriver Farm and Cidery has transformed the landscape.

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Last Minute New Year’s Eve Sparkling Wine and Champagne Suggestions

Ok, it’s New Year’s Eve. Time to hustle out and get something festive and delicious. My two most recent posts on the Foodista blog have you covered, with 5 ideas for bargain sparkling wine and, for the Champagne lovers, 5 Blanc de Blancs. Photo courtesy epicxero.

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