Drinking Vinho Verde With Sarah Rudinoff

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Are you looking for the ultimate in summer wine refreshment with a crazy-low price? Sure you are! And so am I. So allow me to beat the drum for Vinho Verde*. It’s a light, slightly fizzy, fresh, lower-alcohol delight to sip all summer long.

Would I call it a porch-pounder? Absolutely. And I do so during my interview with Actress/Writer/Singer Sarah Rudinoff. As part of the Ambassador Project at On The Boards, she is one of the many performers in NW New Works I have talked to, and plied with wine, for my Side Show: New Works New Wines series. (View previous interviews with a trio of performers AND get five more summertime wine selections.)

Sarah and I discuss her singing the National Anthem at a Seahawks game, technology at the Toronto airport, and drinking porch-pounders on a porch in Portugal.

*Note: Vinho Verde is actually a wine region where you’ll encounter more than just light and fizzy white wines. But the vast majority will be exactly as I describe above. If you want to explore the region, ask your friendly wine shop person to find some unique bottles.

Vineyard photo courtesy Comissão de Viticultura da Região dos Vinhos Verdes.

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