Easy Apricot Chicken Paired With Wine

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This easy apricot chicken will save you from boring poultry dinners.Do you know my pal Peabody? She is a creator of culinary concoctions, but none more curious than the one I’m about to share with you. See, this easy apricot chicken has a couple secrets to it.

As part of her blog series encouraging newlyweds to get in the kitchen and cook together, Peabody has put together some no-fuss recipes. (Think one pot dishes.) And then she has a 42 year-old bachelor (me) come up with wine pairings. So what are the ingredients in this Easy Apricot Chicken? Just four. But I’d say a couple of them are rather…unexpected:

  • Chicken (duh)
  • Apricot jam (pretty much duh, too)
  • Dried onion soup mix (huh?)
  • Russian dressing (what the…?!?!)

As Peabody says, “When I tell people what is in this they are horrified.” (Guilty as charged.) BUT, she reports, they all enjoy the finished dish. There’s also a sweet history behind this recipe, a little window into Peabody’s life from 8th grade. Additionally, the introduction to her post has some musings and advice concerning Three Relationship Rules. It’s full of charm and candor.

Check out the entire post, get the exact recipe, and find out my wine picks. I recommend four Washington wines: a still and a sparkling duo in both semi-sweet and dry form.

Love and Marriage: Newlywed Easy Apricot Chicken

Thanks to Peabody for the use of her photo. Peruse previous pairings with Peabody.

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