Franz Etz Grüner Veltliner 1L: The Cure for the Common Back Label

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To know me is to know I frequent Cure in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, where I’ve lived the past ten years. I love this spot right across from the tennis courts (that mostly serve as bike polo grounds) at Cal Anderson Park.

The owners Amy and Eric are really awesome. Whenever I’m there we always riff on random notions that drink deep from the wellspring that is our Gen X sensibilities. (We need some kind of Cure Deep Thoughts Log to commemorate and codify our creativity, BTW.) Anyway, if you like cheese and charcuterie and really nice, interesting people behind the bar, Cure is for you. But mostly for me. OK, that’s really selfish. You should really go. I want you to go. I will even move down a stool or three to accommodate your pals who long for the shared pleasure of bar seating.

Franz Etz Grüner Veltliner 1LOh, some wine. Amy introduced me to a wine that I enjoyed not just because it tasted good (you’ll be getting a second glass) but also for the attention-grabbing text on the back label. It was a little sassy, somewhat weird, and kinda corny.

Which also describes the kind of person I find compelling.

Franz Etz Grüner Veltliner 1L

cure capitol hill seattle

How is there a photo of Cure without me on a bar stool?!? Inconceivable. (Photo via Cure’s website.)

Ok, so I’m totally against face-slapping but pro-glacial lakes. Perky is good…in a wine. Who doesn’t want a beverage that perks you up? (Though I never like having the word “acid” in something I’m pouring down my throat.) I have strong feelings about how artichokes are “difficult” to pair with wine, so glad that’s acknowledged. And while I know Amy and Eric (and all Cure staff) are on my side, it’s nice to know this bottle has my back if I am overcome with the blues.

Also, 1L bottles of wine are really cool. The standard 750ml seems inadequate when perched next to the magnificence that is 1000ml.

Though don’t think that Grüner is nothing but an inexpensive chug-a-lug jug type of wine. It can get extremely fancy, rich, and live a long time. If you have some dough for a posh white wine, do not pass on a chance to go large for some GV.

OK, so stop by Cure if you’re in and around Seattle. And enjoy the wide spectrum of Grüner Veltliner as you go about your wine-drinking life.

Oh, and here’s a bike polo shot:

bike polo cal anderson

The sign for Cure is just behind the head of the guy on the far right. Always good people watching–bike polo and beyond–from a stool or table.

Bike Polo Photo: John Henderson via Flickr

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  1. YES! I love Cure and miss it more now that you’ve written such a charming reminder! Thanks for the Gruner details as well, I’m being exposed to so much wine out here and as it turns out, so many dishes with artichokes at the center, so this is a great one to keep top of mind!

  2. Cure sounds great, but I think I will pass on bike polo….

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