Gruner Veltliner, Beaujolais, PBR, and Japandroids

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Japandroids Gruner Beaujolais PBRSometimes an evening takes you different places, both literally and emotionally. From contemplative and convivial to sweaty and swagger-y all in the short span of a few hours. And with beverages to match.

Last night began with a group of friends and fellow enjoyers-of-wine highlighted by a duo of magnums from the 2010 vintage. Nothing says party like a double-sized bottle of wine.

The first I enjoyed was a Gruner Veltliner. Austria’s signature white grape, I have guzzled many light, dry, charming bottles. Often in one-liter form sealed with a bottle cap. I was reminded, however, that not all Gruner is simple and simply fun after tasting the Hiedler Kittmannsberg November. This is a serious Gruner with some weight and sizzle. Lovely. (I need to find out what November has to do with it, though.)

Hiedler Gruner MagnumThe second magnum was from an icon of French wine, Marcel Lapierre. It had been a criminally long time since I’ve enjoyed a Beaujolais, and I was reminded why these wines are so spectacular. Morgon is one of the top sites, or crus, in Beaujolais and the Lapierre did not disappoint. For anyone who loves Pinot Noir, you owe it to yourself to drink more Beaujolais. Though made from the Gamay grape, the best of Beaujolais gives me the same pleasure that really good Pinot Noir can. Serve it with a slight chill.
Lapierre Morgon Magnum

Completely shifting gears, I ended up at a club in Seattle, Neumos, seeing the band Japandroids. You’ve got to like a band that describes themselves in this manner:

“imagine GUNS N ROSES meets IGGY & THE STOOGES meets THE SONICS meets THE ROLLING STONES!!!! that’s the band we wish we were. we’re not though. not even close.”

They have an energy and enthusiasm that demands a well-chilled PBR. Inspired by the “large format” theme running through the evening, I was pleased to be able to purchase a king can/tall boy. A nice way to keep beverage consistency and tie two disparate experiences together.

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  1. sippitysup says:

    The pint-sized Gruner you mention (with a bottle cap) is indeed fun. In fact it’s the most fun with wine I have had in a long time. So much fun I have not yet explored the finer points of G.V. Thanks for the encouragement to do so. GREG

    • Jameson says:

      Thanks Greg. I do love the one-liter bottle or, as I like to call it, the chug-a-lug jug. Is that wrong?

      I, too, had been lax in my exploration of more serious Gruner, but I was too busy having fun with the cheap and cheerful stuff. Let me know what you find!



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