Guacamole with Pomegranate, Tomato, Mango Verde, Chile de Arbol, and Walnuts

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guacamole puestoI’m a guacamole purist. Over a decade ago I dated someone who had a profound influence on how this iconic dish should be made. The recipe involved three ingredients and three ONLY:

Avocado, lime juice, salt.

So I’m skeptical of attempts to guild the lily when it comes to my guac. Don’t be putting stuff in it and diminishing my avocado per bite ratio!

That’s why I was mightily impressed with San Diego’s Puesto. I was there as part of a most excellent assignment for Dabble Magazine. (Stay tuned.) Myself and ace photographer (and wonderful traveling companion) Angela Auclair were treated to a magnificent meal highlighted by the consumption of numerous fresh seafood dishes in taco form and beyond. Please check out her fantastic work:

Angela Auclair Photography

But back to the guac. This creative take, named Guacamole Nogada, had these additions not muddled together (BOO!) but rather prominently placed on top (YAY!)

And those add-ons were: pomegranate, tomato, mango verde, chile de arbol, and candied walnuts. (Though our nuts were un-candied, which I actually think is the way to go.) For purists you can still seek out an avocado-laden bite or get a little playful with all of the additions. The latter of which I found surprisingly delightful.

So what do you drink with your Guacamole Nogada? A Margarita, DUH! But you know this is a wine-friendly dish as well. I have two suggestions on Dabble, the second I ended up ordering. You can peruse the whole issue or jump to my contribution.

Note: Puesto also has a location in La Jolla.

Thanks to Angela for use of the photo.

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  1. Hi Jameson-

    I too was a purist for ages, until I tried guac with wasabi… yum! Now I occasional go beyond the basic three ingredients but don’t think I’ve ever tried just adding the additional elements as toppings. I’m going to try that now!

    Thanks for the fun article,
    Michele Francisco

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