Has Champagne Ever Saved Your Life? The Bookery Cook Interview

Posted on: January 16th, 2013 by

champagne the bookery cook

Has Champagne ever saved your life? Gee, if it hasn’t yet, I’m sure it will some day. I am thankful that Maxine Thompson, of the wonderful site The Bookery Cook, asked me this question and so many more. She is able to pry from me such information as:

  • What music I listen to while cooking
  • Food pet peeves
  • Why I love Champagne

Full disclosure: I was also geeked to have an interview published on an Aussie-based website so I could say how much I liked the “flavour” of Champagne. But don’t let my thoughts colour your perception.

Visit The Bookery Cook often. Have you seen their illustrated recipes? They are a combination of delicious food and original works from artists spanning the globe. The whole dang site is full of charm.

GO: Has Champagne ever saved my life?

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