How to Survive Crowded Wine Tastings

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Wine tastings don't get this crowded, but sometimes can feel like it.

As an anxious person, I worry about a lot of things. Even wine tastings. But I want you to relax, to chill. Just keep in mind that when go to some big event like “The Freakiest Wine Grapes” or “Around the World in 8,000 Bottles” or “Mega-Zinful Blowout” (BTW, I made up all those names), be prepared for crowds, lots of wines, and some feelings of disorientation when confronted with the combination of the two.

Snacky Tunes Wine Tastings (1)In some ways, these large wine tastings are not unlike visiting an amusement park. (Except no funnel cakes or keychains/license plates with your name on them.) I mean, you don’t just pull up to Disneyland/world without having put some thought into how to spend your day(s), right?

So I figured it would be a good idea for the next time I was on Snacky Tunes to give some tasting tips for the next time you’re at a ticketed event. It was inspired by my recent foray to the RAW Wine Fair in Brooklyn, which is like the Super Bowl for natural wine. (No halftime show, though. But there is pizza!) Anyway, I had a good time and tasted some really cool wines.

Ok, let’s get to my latest Snacky Tunes segment. Which, surprisingly, involves beer.

Five Tips on How to Navigate Wine Tastings

My segment begins at 55:50. But, jeez, don’t miss:

  • Legendary chef Massimo Bottura talking about his new book, Bread is Gold, and his fight to end food waste. (He has some very interesting things to say about banana peels and, of course, much more about this important issue.)
  • Music from Triple Hex, Street Smells, and Bad Girlfriend.

Crowd photo by James Cridland via flickr.


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