Lambrusco Pairing: Parmigiano-Reggiano is Heavenly

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Wine and cheese, blah blah blah. Ok, not so blah in the flavor department. Truth be told, I don’t like the vast majority of wine with cheese, especially red wines. (Sancerre and Crottin de Chavignol goat cheese, however, is my all-time favorite match.) But I recently experienced a game-changer thanks to a Lambrusco pairing that was made amazing by Parmigiano-Reggiano.

The Cheese to Stock Up on for a Lambrusco Pairing Epiphany

Lambrusco Pairing Parmigiano ReggianoLambrusco is a red, fizzy delight. And one of the most versatile wines in the world when it comes to food pairing. It’s my pizza go-to. Quality Lambruscos can range from ultra-dry to slightly sweet.

When the Parmigiano-Reggiano came out as the sun went down on a (mercifully) cool summer rooftop patio night, the doors were blown off as far as this serene setting went. I mean, boats still went by, attempting to put me in a state of tranquil revery. But it was that salty cheese and tingly, grape-y red wine fueling my contentment. Serenity now, indeed.

Here are some thoughts on the Lambruscos I was sent as samples. I actually had tasted all of them at VINO 2015 in New York, but was more than happy to revisit these bottles in an outdoor setting.

pronto lambruscopicol ross lambrusco

Picol Ross: Ok, who doesn’t like a bottle that says, “Lambrusco For Friends”? A very cherry drink, classic and dry. Totally crushed it with the cheese. (Can’t find pricing info on this.)

Pronto Secco: I love the label on this Lambrusco, with the telephone cord (Millennials: ask me about them) spelling out the name of the wine. Less fruity and more savory than the Picol Ross. (About $17.)

Find out my thoughts on a VERY serious Lambrusco, Bosco del Tasso. (I was sent the 2010 version; the 2011 was sampled in New York. Feel the same about the wine except for the 2010 being a bit more subdued.)

In conclusion: DRINK LAMBRUSCO because it’s awesome. And watch boats and stuff:

seattle rooftop view


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