Le Caviste: Behind the Scenes of a Seattle Wine Bar

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le caviste seattleAre you looking for a Seattle wine bar right now? Excellent. Head to Le Caviste and get some vino. It’s a totally fantastic spot. And since I get the privilege of yammering with owner David Butler while he works, I thought I’d give him a chance to talk in the pre-opening hours about his place on my Wine Without Worry podcast.

So what if you’re not in Seattle? That’s cool. You can learn a lot about French wine on this episode. Because Le Caviste is 100% about the wines of France. You dig Beaujolais, love on some Gamay? Want to explore all ten of the crus, the superb wines from the tip-top sites? You’re in luck; David’s got representatives of each. Always two by the glass and the rest in bottle.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise to say David’s passionate about the delights of Beaujolais. He’s also cool with serving red wines cool. (What I call “castle temperature“.) Not just Beaujolais but also the red wines of my beloved Loire Valley. (xxoo, Loire Cab Franc.) Conversely, don’t murder your expressive white wines with an arctic chill.

We also talk about rosé and confront my prejudice/mania when it come to drinking the the most recent vintage. But not in a manner akin to an episode of “Intervention”.

What wine regions deserve more love? Marcillac, responds David. You’ll find a red wine from this region made from the Fer Servadou (yikes, that’s obscure) grape grown in soils that are (as David says) “Canyonlands orange” in color. Also the red wines of Savoie made from Mondeuse.

But, wait, there’s more! Like cheese, sparkling wine, and soothing classical music. Listen and enjoy:

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  1. so i went there last night and i have to say, my new favorite wine bar in seattle…david is a character in the best way and the experience is quite charming….good conversation, good wines, good bites…all good 🙂

  2. L.M. Archer says:

    Love this place…great story!

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