Los Angeles Podcast Festival: Audio On!

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la podcast festivalI am really excited to be headed to the Los Angeles Podcast Festival this weekend. The lineup of stellar programming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday includes a Who’s Who of podcasters. And each day a ton of those folks are recording special podcast episodes so I’ll get to sit in the audience and absorb and enjoy. It should be most inspiring.

There’s also a Podcast Lab. What’s that? Here you go:

The Squarespace Podcast Lab is a safe space where podcasters of any experience level can go to record their own podcasts straight from the heart of LA PodFest. It’s a meeting place and hang out room for podcasting — festival-goers can grab a comedian or fellow podcaster walking down the hall for a quick interview while enjoying refreshments and giveaways courtesy of Squarespace.

I look forward to courageously approaching strangers to ask them questions about wine, letting them pontificate on the subject, and/or recording musings on wherever their thoughts and words take them. (Even outside the world of fermented grapes.) Some off-the-cuff banter as well.

(Oh, and I’ll also be recording at least one episode with a special guest outside of the confines of the festival.)

So have you heard my Wine Without Worry podcast? I’ve had all kinds of cools guests from winemakers around the world (Pacific Northwest to Chile to New Zealand), icons of the wine industry (Michael Mondavi), some of my favorite personalities and people (Leslie Sbrocco, Marissa A. Ross), and much more!

If you like the show, I’d love for you to subscribe, rate it, and leave your candid thoughts (hopefully kudos) on iTunes:

Wine Without Worry Podcast on iTunes

Wine Without Worry Podcast on SoundCloud

Also, if there’s a topic you’d like to see me cover or question I can answer, let me know in the comments.

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