Napa Cellars/Folie a Deux: Who Knew?

Posted on: October 7th, 2010 by

Napa Cellars/Folie a Deux
My experience with these brands can be pretty much summed up with three words: Menage a Trois. That wine is a machine when it comes to sales in a grocery store. It kills. So when I was invited to a tasting at Napa Cellars/Folie a Deux in Oakville, I was expecting crowd-pleasing juice. Scanning through the list of wines available, I noted some reserves and, naturally, I wanted to try these. (Nothing like the word “reserve” in the world of wine to get your attention, no?)

I have to admit being quite astonished at how good they were. Both Cabs were well-balanced and elegant. They were a day old (and had been gassed), which I think helped the wines show so well. It’s easy to bash Napa Cab as being heavy, over-ripe, mega-oaked, and boozy, but these are two examples that break that stereotype.

Full disclosure: I am a guest at a Trinchero Family Estates property during this trip.

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