Seven Hills Winery: Inside Washington Wine With Erik McLaughlin (Podcast)

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erik mclaughlin seven hills wineryEver travel to Texas to have a conversation about Walla Walla, Washington? That was the case when I attended TEXSOM, a fantastic and wildly informative educational wine conference, and took some time to speak with Erik McLaughlin. He’s the Vice President of Seven Hills Winery, a historic name in Walla Walla when it comes to not just winemaking but also grape growing.

In this episode of the Wine Without Worry podcast (subscribe), Erik and I dive into the the history and progression of Washington wine, talk Merlot and rosé in regards to Seven Hills Winery, and share some insider tips on where to eat in Walla Walla. Including how to order a taco Walla Walla-style. Also, a bait shop that has stupendous Mexican food.

[Sadly, one of the destinations mentioned near Walla Walla, Jimgermanbar, is now closed. Happily, Owner Jim German is opening a place in Walla Walla and Mike Easton of Il Corvo and Pizzeria Gabbiano (<–pizza podcast!) is involved. Should be awesome.]

Podcast: Inside Washington Wine With Erik McLaughlin of Seven Hills Winery

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  1. Larry Olson says:

    Had missed this podcast – really nice job. Erik is a great ambassador for his brand.

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