There Are Shower Beers But Are There Shower Wines?

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Shower Beer
Tis the season for the shower beer. The perfectly refreshing brew to have while cooling off in the shower. It’s especially relevant for me, as I live in a sweltering Brooklyn apartment with no AC. The best way to reduce my body’s core temperature is a cold shower and an icy beer.

This got me thinking. Is there a wine that’s the equivalent of a shower beer? Wither, shower wines? So I tackled this topic for my latest Snacky Tunes podcast segment. I did so while sweating profusely in my bathroom to add an extra layer of realism, demonstrating I willingly suffer in order to provide podcast pleasure.

Snacky Tunes Shower Beer

I select two shower-appropriate wines. Well, let’s just say delicious refreshing products containing a great deal of wine that come in appealing, shower-caddy appropriate packaging. I also recommend turning to a wine region cranking out inexpensive bottles perfect for a cool summer shower session. As well as a white wine grape that, if you know where to look, makes very high quality wines at great prices.

Have a listen:

Shower Wines on Snacky Tunes

Also on the show, per brothers and co-hosts Darin and Greg Bresnitz:

  • John Yao, chef/owner of Los Angeles’ critically acclaimed seafood-focused restaurant, Kato. His cooking? Japan meets Taiwan meets Southern California .
  • From Buenos Aires via Far Rockaway, singer/songwriter Juan Zaballa (a.k.a. Tall Juan) performs his Latin Elvis meets The Ramones musical stylings live.

Shower beer photo by Andy Smith via Flickr.

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