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New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc Podcast

Hard to think of any grape that blew up in popularity like New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Certainly, no white wine has had the kind of spectacular success and continued growth as NZ SB. But is it a little one-note, samey-same? This is an issue I explore on the latest episode of the What We’re Tasting [More]

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Hosting The What We’re Tasting Podcast

Hey there. I have some news to share. I’m hosting the first season of a new Wine Enthusiast show, the What We’re Tasting podcast. Each episode I’ll be chatting with a guest and discussing three wines, organized around a theme, selected by yours truly. For these inaugural shows, I’ll be joined by an editor from [More]

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Wine Two Five Podcast Guest Appearance

Recently I was contacted to be a guest on the Wine Two Five podcast, and I was like, “Yeah! You bet.” And I’m glad I did. Because I had a delightful time chatting with cohosts Stephanie “Steph” Davis and Valerie “Val” Caruso. Have a listen to the episode: Items discussed: The rosé in my glass. Oysters [More]

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There Are Shower Beers But Are There Shower Wines?

Tis the season for the shower beer. The perfectly refreshing brew to have while cooling off in the shower. It’s especially relevant for me, as I live in a sweltering Brooklyn apartment with no AC. The best way to reduce my body’s core temperature is a cold shower and an icy beer. This got me thinking. [More]

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Mike Easton of Il Corvo Pasta: Vermouth Sipping and Vegetable Smacking

This damn fine mandoline work by Mike Easton of Il Corvo Pasta is almost as good as the mandolin playing on “Maggie May”. (Though I find “You Wear it Well” to be the superior song, but I digress). If you don’t have the pleasure of living in Seattle, you are missing out on Mike and [More]

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Getting to Southern Oregon Wine By Way of Pittsburgh

How much do you know about Southern Oregon Wine? For most people (and myself included), Oregon wine means one grape and one region: Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley. But not only are there a great diversity of wines being produced within the Willamette Valley, you can also find many exciting wines made in the [More]

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Is Pinot Grigio Boring?

I don’t find experimental psychology boring, even when the author is Boring. But Pinot Grigio can certainly be boring. Does all Pinot Grigio have to be? I tackle this issue, and many more, on the latest, Italian wine-centric episode of my Wine Without Worry podcast. My guest is Robin Shay, US Export Manager for Allegrini [More]

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