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Allegrini Valpolicella: A Downright Friendly Italian Red Wine

Since I’ve been on a theme of anthropomorphizing wines, I can’t help but continue when thinking about the 2013 Allegrini Valpolicella. Hailing from the Veneto in Northern Italy, Allegrini’s estate vineyards surround the pictured Villa della Torre. Nice digs, eh? So what do I mean when I call this wine “friendly”? Many things. First and [More]

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Is Pinot Grigio Boring?

I don’t find experimental psychology boring, even when the author is Boring. But Pinot Grigio can certainly be boring. Does all Pinot Grigio have to be? I tackle this issue, and many more, on the latest, Italian wine-centric episode of my Wine Without Worry podcast. My guest is Robin Shay, US Export Manager for Allegrini [More]

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