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Charbono is Cool

I like the underdog grapes and Charbono definitely fits the bill. If you’re looking for it in Napa Valley you’ll have to seriously crane your neck as their are only around 50 acres. Out of 43,000+ of vineyard acres in the region. What¬†is the¬†Charbono in Napa Valley? Some say it’s Bonarda, which today you’ll find [More]

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The Pleasure of Wine: A Lesson From Poet Billy Collins

This morning I heard Poet Billy Collins give the Creative Keynote at The Symposium for Professional Wine Writers at Meadowood Napa Valley. Many things he had to say about wine and writing resonated deeply with me, but none more than this: “Obvious joys of wine get buried in the analysis.” So on that note, it [More]

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