Take Me To Your Liter: 1L Bottles of Wine

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1l bottles of wineI’ve been crushing on this format for years. These 1L bottles of wine pop up randomly and it delights me to discover a new one. Who doesn’t look at a standard 750ml bottle and think of a conversation along these lines:

“Say man, you got an extra 33% of wine?”

“Uh, no, not on me, man.”

“It’d be a lot cooler if you did.”

[Disclosure: I don’t talk to bottles of wine. Well, sometimes I do. But they never answer my questions.]

OK, don’t want to give the ¾ liter wines an inferiority complex. Like a wise man (Billy Joel) once said, I love you just the way you are.

alright alright alrightI picked out some of my favorite one liter bottles for the June issue of Wine Enthusiast. I’ll admit to being especially partial to those sealed with a bottle cap (F-U-N), but the ones with cork are alright alright alright by me as well.

They also remind me of a story from my retail wine days at QFC in Seattle. We sold a lot of one particular green 1L bottle of white wine with a crown (bottle) cap closure. I had an unhappy customer return it. He said, “This beer is flat.” I respectfully told him it was actually a wine and refunded his money sans judgement.

1L Bottles of Wine: El Jefe Tempranillo

I purchased the wine pictured above, El Jefe Grande Tempranillo, at my local Yorkville shop, Eastside Cellars. (This happened after the magazine went to print.) If you’re looking for a red wine ($15!) to crush all summer long (after sticking it in the fridge until it acquires a nice chill), this is your jam.

And to peruse my four 1L picks on Wine Enthusiast, please head to:

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(Which immediately made me think of this song.)

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  1. How can I pass on a wine called el Jefe?

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