The Top Ten Places in The World You Must Visit if You Love Wine

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bay of fires taylors beach

Why does my post about picks for the ten best places in the world for wine lovers start with a photo of a beach and not of vineyards? Excellent question.

The answer? I fell in love with an ocean paradise located on the western coast of Tasmania in the beautiful area called “Bay of Fires”. And not only is this spectacular island full of white sand, blue waters, and orange-tinted rocks, but also sparkling wine, aromatic white wines, and Pinot Noir. Of all the places I’ve been, it’s number one on the list of spots I desperately want to see again.

My rationale behind selecting my personal top ten list? It was important not just to take into account the vineyards, but also all the other things that make a place memorable. So while it’s wine-centric guide, you’ll additionally find recommendations on where to eat, sleep, drink, hike, and more from local experts and authors.

So where can you discover Tasmania, along with my other nine picks? Here:

Grape Collective: Top Ten Wine Travel Destinations

Taylors Beach photo via Wikimedia Commons/Poco a poco.


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  1. Great piece as always, Jameson. Hope to meet one of these days….

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