This Blog is 15 Years Old, But Where Do I Go From Here?

Posted on: April 23rd, 2019 by
I-15 highway sign

Photo by Brian Wilkins via Flickr.

Happy Anniversary to my blog! Fifteen years ago yesterday I published my first dang post. And almost five years ago, my legendary, fiery defense of the Champagne flute debuted.

This blog has led to opportunities, adventures, and even money-paying jobs (!). And people along the way as well. Yes, blogging helped me interact with…other humans! And speaking words and hearing them say stuff in return. Conversations, I believe they are called? Whoa.

I was searching Flickr for a cheery and/or LOL-y image, but ended up selecting this I-15 sign. Why?

Well, I’m wondering about the future of this blog. And the crow makes it look…portentous, contemplative.

This came to a head while I was at Troost, one of my favorite bars in Brooklyn and NYC as a whole. I was with a couple friends and bellyaching (something I’m very good at) about “wine, blah blah blah.” What is there to say? I was having a Wine Hamlet moment. Cue the hand-wringing.

Fortunately, someone overheard my frustration who works at Gotham Writers. Serendipity! We had a nice, inspiring, motivating chat. Lesson: If you are unhappy about some aspect of your life, complain loudly about it at a bar full of interesting, intellectual people.

Sidebar: Don’t try this at Buffalo Wild Wings, though. TVs are too loud, for starters.

So I signed up for a Creative Nonfiction class, which started last week. My first session was great. It kicked my rear in gear to work on some personal essays, pulling from my past exploits, failures, embarrassments, etc. But I plan on making these stories bearable/entertaining via a self-deprecating, humorous, vulnerable delivery. Hopefully I’ll be writing some marginally interesting stuff I can pitch to magazines and online publications. STAY TUNED.

Worst case, I go through in-class exercises, complete my homework, and have some good training under my belt. (I’m also doing some cool reading. Check out this article: “How to Write a Memoir.”)

I do feel like this blog isn’t “just” about wine. I always try and shoehorn some personal detail, annoyance, or foible into each post. I have no idea at what level I’ve succeeded, but I guess that’s for you, Dear Reader, to tell me.

Anyway, excited for the future. Onward!


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