Weekend Wine Links: Eggplant, Easter Candy, Lust

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The best way I know to unwind after a long week? Compiling and sharing some fresh wine links with you. Let’s do this!

Did you get a chance to listen to my podcast with Mary Cressler and Sean Martin, my favorite wine and BBQ couple in Portland? Get the recipe for their fantastic smoked eggplant dip. And buy a bottle of Assyrtiko, the stupendous white wine of Santorini, as an accompaniment.

W. Blake Gray succinctly summarized Jancis Robinson’s “Wine For Invalids” article. She notes The London Clinic offers patients the option of ordering wine with their meals. Find out what wines Robinson “really lusted after”.

You could check out what I said about similar candies and wine for a different holiday (Halloween). Or if your feeling more seasonal, here you go:

Are you a mother or a father, aunt or uncle, or just responsible for your friend’s children while in the grocery store? AND need to grab a bottle of wine without being distracted by tantrums, shopping cart mayhem, and/or loud oversharing about bodily functions? Alice Jones Webb, writing on Scary Mommy, has a post for you. Also, she is spot-on about bubbles and salty snacks, recommending fries and Goldfish crackers with sparkling wine. Though, as a parent of youngsters, Webb reveals that French fry is probably found underneath the seat of the car. Those crackers? Between couch cushions. The whole post is a good, clear overview of some of the most popular wine grapes and styles.

Bonus non-wine link: The Forest Service was really cool in 1974.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I love looking around at other’s people work and comments.

  2. I saw that Forest Service infographic floating around the web this week! We have a house in the White Mountains and here I thought those national forest people were just focused on trail clearing…also went to a great Greek restaurant in Portland (Maine) last night and almost had that bottle from Santorini, but we chose a Greek red instead (which I could remember which!). Cheers!

  3. great links! Wine with candy?! Interesting. Congrats on being a finalist, I’ll go vote now!

  4. I absolutely adore baba ghanoush but haven’t had it in ages – and a smoked version? I’m sold!

    I checked out the Easter candy pairing post thinking he might recommend some good dark chocolate pairings – but found starburts and skittles – too funny!

  5. Great resources! Congrats on being a finalist too. Good luck!

  6. I haven;t signed up for your podcast will have to join soon you have great content, congrats!

  7. Valerie says:

    I’ve never tried Assyrtiko.. sounds wonderful. Might be a good replacement for my nightly chardonnay!

  8. Fun roundup! Congrats on the Saveur nomination! 🙂

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