Weekend Wine Links: Rosé, Hot Dogs, Craigslist, Marimba

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It’s rainy and fairly miserable atmospheric in Seattle right now. Time to curl up with some Weekend Wine Links!

Did you know that Jessica Certo was an opera singer before she became a sommelier? If that’s not cool enough, Certo also likes Cru Beaujolais with hotdogs and tater tots. AKA: my dream meal.

No hyperbole here, folks. ZERO.

Once again Italian Wine Merchants is one-stop shopping for a dose of knowledge. Let it be known: Agliancio is awesome. Pick up a bottle of Mastroberardino’s “Mastro” for a great intro. Also, two fantastic white wines from Campania: Greco and Fiano.

You ever buy wine out of the back of some guy’s trunk in a mall parking lot? (Note: I was present when this wine was consumed.)

Finally, a little marimba music. Atmospheric and transportive, via Erin Jorgensen:

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