Why Am I Not Drinking More Riesling?

Posted on: September 20th, 2010 by

Schloss Saarstein Riesling
As a Wine Guy I am supposed to love Riesling, German Riesling in particular. These are some of the best, longest-lived, most complex, historical, food-compatible, wines in the world. But it’s rare that I drink it. Why, I don’t know. I prefer dry whites? Probably. But, in a nod to Therry Theise (whose catalog you must read), I’d like to say that sweetness in a wine is not a crime! And this Riesling, though the sweetness is there, has so much acidity that it finishes quite dry(ish). It’s also a wine that if (heaven forbid) you don’t finish the bottle, will drink great for days.

I also strongly feel that if you are starting a wine cellar, start with a case of Riesling. For the price of a couple trophy Napa Cabs, you can have twelve bottles that will beguile you over a decade plus. Crack open one every year. And, unlike your precious few bottles of fancy-pants red, if one of the Rieslings is corked, you’ve still got eleven more.

(And no offense to the wines of Napa. I’d never turn up my nose at a bottle of Insignia.)

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