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Fantastic White Wines and Sparkling from Lucien Albrecht

Back in May I joined Lucien Albrecht winemaker Jėrȏme Keller for some wine (duh) and snacks at a small media get-together. I said “yes” because many of these wines are like old friends, particularly the sparkling and Pinot Blanc. It was an impressive set of bottles, and here are my favorites of the lot. Lucien Albrecht Sparkling [More]

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Restaurant Wine List Tips When Your Choices Are Endless

Navigating a big restaurant wine list is daunting. Possibly scary. For a geek like me, it can also be hella fun. I was reminded of this when I was at Nice Matin, a French restaurant in New York City’s Upper West Side. The wine list there is excellent. (Not the one pictured, BTW.) And it is big. [More]

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Vegetarian Thai Curry Gets Along With Riesling

Strolling through my neighborhood of Capitol Hill in Seattle, I’ve always meant to stop by the tiny kiosk that is Thai Curry Simple 2 for a generous bowl of vegetarian Thai curry. I wish I would have taken a better photo of the place but found this one on their Facebook page which captures the [More]

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Why Am I Not Drinking More Riesling?

As a Wine Guy I am supposed to love Riesling, German Riesling in particular. These are some of the best, longest-lived, most complex, historical, food-compatible, wines in the world. But it’s rare that I drink it. Why, I don’t know. I prefer dry whites? Probably. But, in a nod to Therry Theise (whose catalog you [More]

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36 German Rieslings

It was a busy couple of days last week when I plowed through a host of German Rieslings from Markus Molitor and Valckenberg. I’d recap my meager notes from each wine, but I’d be in my grave before I finished typing dozens of variations on Bernkasteler Badstube Spatlese. The one thing I want to share [More]

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Alsatian Riesling: Dry and Delicious

My expanded thoughts on Domaine Weinbach and their lovely Rieslings.

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A Lovely Day For Alsatian Riesling

Alsatian Riesling Originally uploaded by jamesonf Domaine Weinbach. Rich, dry, complex, and delicious.

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